The MCK is a convenient way to measure dielectric properties:

  • ε - permittivity
  • tan δ - loss tangent
  • in bands between 25 GHz and 1100 GHz
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Our advantages

The Material Characterization Kit (MCK) is a dielectric material characterization solution in bands over a wide frequency range between 25 GHz and 1100 GHz. Dielectric properties of materials can be measured in a quick, convenient, and reliable way.

  • Permittivity error εr ± 1%
  • Loss tangent error tanδ ± 2%
  • Reflexion < -20dB
  • Mode purity 98%
  • Plug-and-play solution
  • Two-clicks calibration
  • One-click measurements
  • No sample preparation
  • Results are repeatable
  • Broadband solution
  • Self-aligned sample positioning
  • Swiss made

Solutions available over frequency bands

Calibrated holders

Standard MCK has been developed for solid samples. For all other material types, SWISSto12 can provide with an appropriate solution. Already available:

  • Soft and foams
  • Liquids and powders
  • Coatings and multilayers

WebMCK software

SWISSto12 has developed the software with easy interface for easy extraction of material properties in couple of minutes.

A full automation of measurement process:

  • Available for all the main OS
  • No installation required
  • Compatible with most VNA mainframes

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